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let the adventure begin

Welcome to Africa Motion Tours.

Guided tours through Namibia and the neighboring countries is our way of life.

We carefully plan and design individual tours, ideal for the nature-loving person.

Our tours are completely unique and focus on the off-beaten tracks through the

untouched landscapes of Namibia and Southern Africa.

The overwhelming sense of freedom is the norm.

Here is where you feel alive.

Namibia Tours

We offer different packages to cater for the most exquisite holiday experience.

Please see below sample tours to give you an idea to create your dream tour. Do not hesitate to contact us so that we can tailor an unforgettable holiday – according to your imagination.

Wild Africa holds many uncertainties. Africa Motion Tours makes your safety our priority.

- coming soon -

Namibia Map

Choose your preferred travel mode and we will show you on the map,

which areas you may travel.

This should provide an idea of what is possible and allowed with the requested travel mode (4x4 vehicle / bike / quadbike).

Never hold back your dreams – we try to make them real.

Franco Picco, a legend in motor sport, extended his expertise to

guided motorcycle tours. In 2002 Franco, incorporated with Africa Motion Tours.

Father of Africa Motion Tours, Werner and his team takes you to Namibia, a country

home to abundant natural wonders and incomparable beauty.

Through all his travels around the world he has found that the best and

safest way to experience a country is to be local.

Born on a ranch in the south of Namibia, the Kalahari, Werner spent a great deal of

his life in the bush and has accumulated a wealth of knowledge.

You and us will be the team!

the team

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